Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Janelle Brown Event 6/19

A couple weeks ago we hosted Janelle Brown, author of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. (You may remember her from another post, when I added her blog to my Even More Words bloglist.) The event was tons of fun, and she was kind enough to send us some pictures which I've posted here.

This was very validating. I'm glad to know that someone reads my event board.

They also noticed my strategic placement of the AWEWWE poster among the Ugly Dolls and recommendations in the window.

Lots of people turned out for the reading--it was a full house.

Afterwards, Janelle signed books on the couch and posed for pictures.

These ladies LOVED the book.

Janelle's sister even bought one!

Finally, we had Janelle sign her poster so we could hang it in the window. It's still there.

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