Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nerdfighters Unite!

Today I was admiring our display of Paper Towns by John Green and I noticed something a little odd: some of the books had little pieces of paper sticking out of them. Curious, I grabbed a book and examined the note. It read:

Paper Towns is a greatly fantastic novel. If it does not touch you or make you laugh, you may be a robot. (Or a Decepticon.)

Naturally, I was intrigued by this mysterious review. It was written on a page from one of those notepads with the wax stuff at the top, where you have to tear each page off. In one corner of the paper was a bowl of cherries, and in the opposite corner there were two cats saying, "Sweet." This seemed like a notepad that only a Nerdfighter, or John Green himself, would possess.

I pulled all the rest of the books out of the display and, one by one, made photocopies of the quotes:

  • Paper Towns is the cat's pajamas! (It is also made of awesome.)

  • Paper Towns is made of paper and unfiltered awesome. <3>

  • Paper Towns is a wonderful, witty, heartfelt novel. It is also known to increase the awesome of an area by 87%.

  • Paper Towns is so awesome that Breaking Dawn wasn't invited to its birthday party. P.S. You're awesome too!

  • If you are interested in this lovely book, you may be a nerdfighter. (This is a good thing.) P.S. Don't forget to be awesome!

  • This book is amazing & awesome! DFTBA!

These quotes confirmed that Nerdfighters had perpetrated this crime of awesome. If those responsible happen to identify themselves, they will receive a 20% discount on their next purchase.


Lily Jones said...

Ha, that would be me. Leyla mentioned it to me, and I told her that it was all my doing.

I have pictures to prove it too!

A Million Words said...

Let me know when you want to come in for your discount!