Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Dear Book Buyers,

About three times a week, A Great Good Place for Books hosts an author. This author, who has often traveled a long way to visit our humble bookstore, reads part of his book and answers questions posed by the audience. He then signs copies of his book for those who have come to meet and support him as a writer. On these occasions, we set out chairs along one wall and the author speaks just in front of the counter.

As much as we wish there was room to keep the register separate from the author reading, there isn't. When a customer comes to shop--and, mind you, the events take place after the normal closing time--it is often loud and disruptive to the reading. Browsing customers are distracting to the eye, and the register prints receipts less than 2 feet from the author's head (depending on how tall the author may be). There are signs posted around the store, including one on the outside of the front door, that say BOOKS ARE NOT SOLD DURING AUTHOR EVENTS.

We are a small business. Every dollar counts. However, at the same time, we are people who love books and have great respect for those who provide us with new titles. We would rather keep the good opinion of the author than make a sale. So in the future, if you see that there is some sort of event going on, please come back during normal business hours or wait until after the reading to shop.

Thank you,


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