Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Secret Society
by Tom Dolby
Young Adult fiction
Due October 2009

This is the first of Tom Dolby's books that I'd read, and I liked it. I imagine it's a little like Gossip Girl in its theme, which is upper class Manhattan prep school drama, but there's an added element of mystery that I really enjoyed. Three students are conscripted into a secret society that promises to make all their dreams come true. Something isn't right, however, and when one member of their class of Initiates disappears, the three begin to wonder what price they will have to pay for their dreams. I was prepared to dislike the characters in this book simply because I expected them to be your usual entitled rich kids, but I was surprised to find myself rooting for them from the beginning. The only complaint I have is that the end is set up for a sequel which won't come quickly enough for my liking.

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