Friday, June 26, 2009

A review by Alyssa

Secret Bonus Task #2: Write me a book review!

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by Maggie Stiefvater
Young Adult Fantasy
Due August 2009
Review by Alyssa Kirk

This is a satisfying love story for paranormal groupies, especially Team Jacob fans looking for the werewolf to woo the girl.

The book opens with Grace, our likeable protagonist, being attacked by a pack of wolves but she’s gallantly rescued by a yellow-eyed pack member. Years roll by and her fascination with wolves only increases. As she watches the woods, her yellow-eyed wolf stares back, but any attempts to approach him send him disappearing into the forest.

For a brief few months each year, Sam is human, however he doesn’t have enough nerve to approach Grace whether he’s human or wolf until a near death experience brings him to her doorstep. Love blooms and despite the difficulties, Sam and Grace will do anything to stay together.

As if fighting to keep Sam human isn’t problematic enough, wolves are attacking, students are disappearing and Sam and Grace must stop a rampaging werewolf before he strikes again.

Some might be put off by the point of view. Each chapter switches from first person Grace to first person Sam. But if you stick with it, the transitions become less jarring and awkward. The story blends heart-wrenching and romantic, and if my brother’s hadn’t been in the room, at times I would have shed a few tears. The pace slows occasionally but by that time I cared enough for the characters and their struggles to continue reading.

Definitely more romance than action, which is usually not my preference, Shiver still managed to keep my interest. Stiefvater keeps the love story more sweet romance than hot and sexy which makes it an option for younger readers or those who just don’t care for the more explicit stuff, and she puts a new and interesting twist on the werewolf lore. I vote for Shiver as a solid paranormal romance read and the ending doesn’t disappoint.

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