Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I never thought there would be a time in my life when I didn't have time to read. Alas, the past few weeks have been that time. I have, however, painstakingly reread two books a few pages at a time:
Terrier by Tamora Pierce

and Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind

The first time I read Wizard's First Rule was in high school. My friend Magoo and I were competing to read the most books that year, because our English teacher encouraged students to give a quick synopsis of every book they read independently. Magoo and I were in different classes with the same teacher. We decided to see who could take up the most class time with long, complicated retellings of books. When I discovered this series I decided to try it--even though the books are like 800 pages long, their plots are so complicated that I could fill a whole class with the eight books in the series. I was hooked after Wizard's First Rule, the first book in the series, and read them all one after the other.

This year, a t.v. show based on the series aired. It's called Legend of the Seeker. It's not particularly faithful to the books but it's an entertaining show, and it made me want to reread the books.

As for Terrier, I think I've mentioned before that Tamora Pierce is the author who made me a reader. The Song of the Lioness Quartet and the Immortals series are two of my favorite series, at least until the last book in the Beka Cooper trilogy is complete. All three series take place in the same world, which is as well-developed and believable as any I've encountered. Definitely check these out if you haven't read them yet.