Monday, June 28, 2010

A review by Kate

by Ally Condie
Young Adult Science Fiction

Due November 30, 2010

Review by Kate Walker

In Cassia's (the main character) world the officials decide everything for you. They decide whom you will love and when you will have children. They also decide when and where you will work. They even determine when you will die! Cassia has trusted them since the day she was born. When her best friend Xander turned out to be the one she will marry and spend the rest of her life with, she knew she had been right to trust them. Suddenly she finds that life will never be the same again when another person's face appears where Xander's face should have been. Cassia's world is turned upside down and she has a hard choice to make, a choice between love and perfection.

I highly recommend this book to libraries and bookstores all around the world. This book is full of suspense and romance. Choices are made that are very much like choices made in the real world in some ways and completely different in other ways. To tell the truth I was devastated when it was over and I hope that there is another book right around the corner.

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