Monday, August 30, 2010

Review of Delirium

by Lauren Oliver

Young Adult science fiction

Pub date February 2011

I think it's a real shame that this book is coming out relatively close to MATCHED by Ally Condie. It's inevitable that people will compare the two books, though they both deserve to be read on their own. That being said, I loved this book and I'm glad it's coming out, regardless of the timing.

DELIRIUM takes place in a world where love is considered a disease--one that is, fortunately, curable. Youths are evaluated, ranked, matched with similarly ranked youths of the opposite sex, and sent to the operating table to undergo brain surgery. After the operation, all strong emotion is gone. You are cured of the disease that causes people to fall in love. But not everyone is cured. Outside the safety of Portland is a wasteland where Invalids struggle to survive. When Lena is caught up in a forbidden romance, she must make a difficult decision: stay in Portland and be cured, or give in to the delirium.

This novel, like Oliver's debut novel (BEFORE I FALL), is extremely well written. She finds a good balance between a compelling plot with plenty of action and a good amount of character development. And the ending--I'll just say that the sequel can't come soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

This is the PERFECT review! You just don't want to give too much info... And like Jake, I was once a girl who lived and breathed music and Gayle has hit it straight on the head! Go Jake-the-girl!