Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review by Mayfair

Title: From Bad to Cursed
Author: Katie Alender
Genre: Young Adult paranormal fiction
Publisher: Hyperion
Publication date: June 2011
Reviewed by Mayfair Rucker

In From Bad to Cursed, Alexis is thrilled with the fact that her younger sister, Kasey, has joined a club, The Sunshine Girls, and made new friends. That was until Alexis felt something was wrong. She and her best friend, Megan, decide to join the club and see for themselves what’s going on. But soon Alexis can’t even remember why she joined the club, only that she’s one of Aralt’s girls now. All of the Sunshine Girls have pledged themselves to the evil spirit Aralt. This is a gripping story that will keep you from putting the book down. Author Katie Alender has some unexpected surprises that will keep the pages turning.

The first book in the series, Bad Girls Don’t Die, featured younger sister Kasey and her attempts to be stronger than the spirit trying to posses her. This book focuses more on 16-year-old Alexis, who has to make a decision between the lives of the Sunshine Girls as well as her dedication to the evil spirit Aralt. Overall if you liked Bad Girl’s Don’t Die you should like this book. They are both exciting and will have you wondering if there really are spirits.

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