Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Secret Bonus Task #2

Post a review on this blog. Write a little bit about your favorite book, or one you read recently and liked, and send it to me at p1ratewench@hotmail.com. Or you can print it and bring the page in to the store. Begin!


vinetry said...

hey. i recently read a book called the second siege, number 2 in the tapestry series. i really liked and thought it, and the first,(the hound of rowan),were great books. i highly recommend this to any fiction lovers. if there was one book i enjoyed more than any others, this would be it. i personally enjoyed this greatly, and, even though I've already mentioned it reccomend this to any who like, fiction, adventure, and action books.

thanks, and want to blog again, jonah!

Jessica "Jake" said...

hey jonah, i'm glad you liked it! this will count as your bonus task if you want. just email me (p1rateWench@hotmail.com) if you want to do that.