Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn Release Party

Visitors stepped through our symbolic coffin and entered...THE VAMPIRE BALL.

This soda is so red that even the vampires were put off by it.

Philipp hasn't read the books, but he volunteered to help out. And wear his cape. Philipp is awesome.

Jake actually looks like a vampire. Eek.
Jake and her sister Lauren are the first to pose in our picture area.

Many, many fans of Stephenie Meyer swarm to the counter as the first box appears.
Kendall opens the first box and holds up Breaking Dawn.

These ladies can't wait to get home before they start reading.

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Jordyn said...

I wanted to go to a release party here but I had nobody to go with, as all my friends who READ are in other parts of the world. (Hi Jake!!)