Monday, August 11, 2008

A Review of STORM: The Infinity Code

STORM: The Infinity Code
by E.L. Young
Review by Alex Bazeley

STORM is a thrilling adventure that anyone who likes spying, cool gadgets, or dangerous missions will love. The book stars Will, the genius inventor; Andrew, the millionaire, gimmick-loving kid; and Gaia, the brilliant chemist, who loves to blow stuff up.

Andrew and Gaia originally start STORM (Science and Technology to Over-rule Misery) to help with problems in England. Will is invited to join, but scoffs at the idea. Then, reluctantly, but finally, Will joins--in time to save a plane with no radio or GPS.

But the trio has a much bigger task ahead of them. Vassily Barbaran, a famous scientist, has been kidnapped, so that he can help create a powerful weapon that will destroy the new space hotel--and maybe Earth! STORM will have to stop the evil genius behind this deadly plan by tracking him down, using only their brainpower and Will's specially designed gadgetry.

I really enjoyed this book because there was a surprise around every corner, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. E.L. Young did a fantastic job of keeping things clear, and made sure you knew what was going on. I highly recommend STORM: The Infinity Code, because it shows that kids can do just as much as what adults can do.

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