Monday, September 15, 2008

So now that I've stopped wiggling around in my chair because I'm so excited about 39 Clues, I'd like to discuss something a little more grown-up. (The key phrase being "a little".)

I've never been in a writing group, but I've been writing YA fiction for almost 15 years. It's always been more of a hobby than a serious pursuit, but as I read more and more author blogs I find myself yearning for the kind of career that allows me to set my own hours and buy real furniture with royalty money. (Plus, seriously, royalties sounds SO cool.) The problem is that I can never justify sitting down to write if there are other things I should be doing, like reading new books or baking muffins. In other words, I lack the discipline to set aside time for writing. Maybe this is a sign that I'm not a real writer...or maybe I know that if I get sucked into a story I will drop everything else for days on end. It's been known to happen.

Thus was born my newest project idea: Operation YA Writer's Group at the Bookstore or My Apartment.

I would like to limit the group to 10 people over the age of 18, and I would prefer that some of them have been in writing groups before. I can provide the venue, advice on marketing YA fiction, and special guest stars every once in a while.

If you're interested, email me at

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