Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Reviews by Isabelle Pryor, age 7

Third Grade Baby
by Jenny Meyerhoff and Jill Weber

Polly is the only one in third grade who has not lost a tooth and Zachary, the new boy, is calling her Baby Teeth. When her tooth comes out she puts it under her pillow, but the next day her tooth is still there. Zachary asks what she got, and she says the tooth fairy's picture, so Zachary says to bring it to school the next day. So when the tooth fairy comes she takes her picture. The next day she shows the picture and everyone says it's her mom. But the next day Martha Molar comes and Polly and Zachary brush their teeth. At the end of the day they get red stuff and it sticks to teeth that aren't brushed well. Zachary's whole mouth is red and everyone starts to laugh. At recess Polly goes to Zachary and says maybe the red stuff was broken. I'll tell everyone that if you stop calling me Baby Teeth. Zachary says "Ok" and they become friends.

Grade: A+

Emmaline and the Bunny
by Katherine Hannigan
(coming March 2009)

Emmaline wants a bunny badly. When she goes to the shop all they have are trained bunnies but she wants a wild one. She finds one and gets it and the mayor blows up up into the sky.

Grade: A

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