Saturday, October 10, 2009

by Catherine Fisher
Young Adult Science Fiction
Due February 2010

I love that lately there's been a trend toward steampunk, which is kind of a fusion between futuristic machine fiction and Victorian history. This book isn't technically steampunk, but it takes place in the future, in a world where a terrible war has led society to return to a medieval way of life. Anything non-Era is banned, and technology is hidden within the depths of nobles' households. Modern medicine is illegal, wildlife is full of steel and wire--and that's just aboveground.

Claudia's father is the warden of Incarceron, the self-sustaining prison where half the world's population was forced after the war. In Claudia's world it is believed to be a utopia, but inmates know the truth. It is a cruel, harsh place where survival depends on terrible acts and unusual skills. This is Finn's world.

When Claudia and Finn find a way to communicate with one another, it changes both of their lives. Neither one is who they thought they were. Together they could change the trajectory of the world--but only if they survive.

Fans of The Maze Runner will love this book. Claudia is everything that a medieval heroine should be, and Finn is an urban survivor. I can't wait for the next book, Sapphique, which I think has just been released in the United Kingdom.

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