Saturday, July 23, 2011

Secret Bonus Task #6

Hey Challengers, I hope you're getting a lot of reading done during your vacations! This year's Grand Prize is going to be AWESOME: a party at the bookstore with ten of your friends! Remember, the more levels you pass (and the more Secret Bonus Tasks you complete), the more entries you get in the Grand Prize Drawing!

This week's Secret Bonus Task is actually going to last for two weeks. You have until Thursday, August 4th to complete it.

On a Scene Sketch form, draw a picture of one of your favorite scenes from a book. When you’re done drawing, answer the questions at the bottom. Since this is a two-week Secret Bonus Task, you will earn TWO extra entries in the Grand Prize Drawing!

Scene sketch forms are available at the bookstore, or you can email for an electronic copy.

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